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korean baseball league uses stuffed animals behind plate in lieu of fans.

- dave 6-07-2020 5:16 pm [link] [1 comment]

Some sports are slower, more about strategy.
- jim 4-10-2020 8:54 pm [link] [1 comment]

holy shit. leave the house for 3 of 4 hours and the world falls apart. ok, maybe the sports world, but still. saw #ripmamba and thought it related to his record to lebron that fell in the last couple of days, not a helicopter he was in. the rape allegation early in his career tainted his legacy but kobe was still probably one of the top 15 players all time, second to jordan alone among shooting guards. whats more he seemed to be enjoying his retirement more than he did his playing days. he was often seen in the company of his daughters and it was always heartening to see the unmitigated joy he exuded in their presence. rest in peace. 

- dave 1-26-2020 4:53 pm [link] [2 comments]

eclectic sports site deadspin has been at odds with their corporate overlords over the direction of the site. they were basically told to "shut up and sports" instead of engaging in politics and assorted random topics that makes the site unique. then they fired one of the main writers who posted a non-sports story in defiance. in response the writers/editors have only posted the marginalia that interests them today and then most/many have just up and quit.

- dave 10-30-2019 6:01 pm [link] [5 comments]

women in the quarterfinals against france today at 3pm in paris. hate to be in transit and miss it. thought they were outplayed by spain last game. might have to run the france, england, germany gauntlet to repeat as champs this time around.

- dave 6-28-2019 11:07 am [link] [3 comments]

one thing i did not realize about john mcenroes famous "you cannot be serious" tirade at wimbledon is that he was absolutely right as the replay moments later showed. 

- dave 6-22-2019 6:36 pm [link] [add a comment]