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Feb 19, 2001

An Official US Government Holiday

Iím sorry, but thereís not much I can do with Presidentsí Day.
Itís not a Traditional holiday, except in the way that the birthday of the king might be celebrated, which is exactly the sort of thing this country was supposed to get away from, and itís certainly not a holy day, but itís on the schedule, and Iím not complaining. Of course itís the governmentís schedule, which amounts to proclaiming a holiday on your own behalf, a bit unseemly, if you ask me. The old habit of celebrating both Washington and Lincolnís birthdays had more grass roots sincerity, but the Monday Holiday Act consolidated the too close February dates, and gave equal honor to all the chief executives. Thatís Democracy in action, I guess, and the only way most of those guys could support a holiday. So for the sake of Richard Nixon and Warren Harding and all the others, Iíll condescend to take the day off. Iíll go to the Park, and watch a flock of Pigeons wheel and turn as one, without a discernible leader, and Iíll wonder how itís done.