Along with the other Fathersí Day entries these are the major posts concerning my father and his death. I place them here for my own purposes, and I donít expect anyone else to be eager to read them, although a few seem to me among the better things Iíve written (Point Pelee; the Eulogy; the Mount). Time heals much, but these words are now harder for me to read than they were to write, for they were written out of a deep need, and the words flowed without much thinking, unlike those posts Iíve sometimes labored to force out on schedule.
Now they form a special place where I might go to remember: a sacred grove within the Arboretum.

8/25/00 Sea of Briars

9/4/00 Point Pelee

9/11/00 Turn & Return

10/21/00 Falling

10/31/00 Between the Living & the Dead

11/1/00 Be at Peace

11/4/00 The Eulogy

11/17/00 Wow

12/12/00 Fall & Mount

12/24/00 The Night Before

6/17/01 Fatherless Day

11/6/01 End of Mourning