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I've enjoyed the recent Spiritualized record, Let It Come Down. Masterminded by Jason Pierce, formerly of the 80's British psychedelic-minimalist band Spacemen Three, Spiritualized has a wider range, but is still founded in hypnotic layers of sound. I can't even really point to specific great songs, and a lot of their stuff tends to blend in my head, but the cumulative effect can be overwhelming. More trance than dance, their model is the wave rather than the beat. Their "spirituality" is that of the sinner who knows better, but isn't necessarily planning on reforming. They constantly work a metaphor of addictive longing, which makes little distinction between god, love, and drugs. I've seen them play several times, with mixed results. The live band took a while to jell, and one show was ruined by muddy sound, but the last time around they were stellar. Their upcoming show at the Beacon might be worth catching.

- alex 3-07-2002 3:19 pm [link] [2 comments]