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"In one of the most eye-opening chapters from Jameson’s recent Valences of the Dialectic, even that most odious site of hyper-capitalism, Wal-Mart, is read dialectically in terms of its utopian potential. That such an unlikely institution might provide important insight into the logic of utopia might strike some as counter-intuitive if not altogether misguided, casting doubt on the very utility of the dialectic with its many contortions. Still, those scandalized by such an approach might be surprised to learn that Jameson has been doing this all along — Peter Sloterdijk’s cynical reason is utopian, Gary Becker and the Chicago School are utopian, Hollywood popcorn movies are utopian, and so on. Indeed, with the dialectic “the most noxious phenomena can serve as the repository and hiding place for all kinds of unsuspected wish-fulfillments and Utopian gratifications (Valences of the Dialectic, 416).

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- bill 1-04-2015 3:31 pm [link] [5 refs] [3 comments]