I got to see part of the Town Hall concert last night. I was late (or snuck in late) and walked in during the middle of Pauline Oliveros' Tuning Meditation (1972). For those of you that know this performance you will understand that this is a very strange piece to walk in on in the middle of - and I certainly had no idea. It is an audience participation performance. Everyone is asked to carry one tune in the sound of a vowel for the length of a breath. You pick any pitch you want, then you listen and pick a tune you hear and try to match it, then you go back to any vowel sound you want, then you match one you hear, you keep alternating etc. Imagine walking into a dark auditorium hearing these waves of pitches coming from the audience. It was very surreal to say the least (and a bit frightening).
Next was Meredith Monk, performing Dolmen Music (1979). I have to admit to never seeing Meredith Monk perform live. For fear of saying anything naïve, I will only say “wow.”

- selma 4-28-2004 7:33 pm

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