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i guess if it were true he wouldn't have written this
- linda 1-23-2002 4:07 pm [link] [1 comment]

Dusk's Gallery
124 Storms Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Telephone: 201-451-4404

For Immediate Release


Mark Dagley - Sculpture
Bill Schwarz - Photographs

February 1st through March 2nd, 2002

Dusk's Gallery presents the work of Jersey City artists Mark Dagley and Bill Schwarz. In this exhibition, both artists address issues of non-function and altered physicality in objects, images, and memory.

Mark Dagley's recent sculptures are hybrid objects informed by furniture design and molecular models. Dagley has created home-furnishings--chairs, tables, plant stands--that are drained of most true function. Like science projects gone awry, these objects emit a contaminated haze of meaning and humor. They are bizarre structural fictions for a non-lifestyle, bomb-shelter decor for the nuclear family that has it all, except maybe something to look at.

Bill Schwarz's found photographs offer observational experiences that need no direct artistic mediation. Schwarz acquires images from a variety of sources, including the internet, or in this case, curbside refuse. This recent body of work consists of what appear to be legal documents, evidence from a liablity suit. The subject of these photographs, taken from a variety of angles and depths of field, is a residential or storefront stoop that has fallen into disrepair, causing, perhaps, a misstep, an injury. These images reflect upon the investigation of the familiar. Accompanying them are two photographs of Hungarian Airlines 767s, advertisements for the artist's former employer, an international import/export firm, once located in World Trade Center, Tower One.

For more information, please contact Charles Cano, Gallery Director.

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T Smith

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i cant read that much these days on the tree so sorry if this was talked about

- Skinny 1-20-2002 7:57 pm [
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Buckminster Fuller Illusive Mutant Artist

Les Levine on video

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what kind of geek ?

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I'd heard of Momus, the Scottish musician, but I never looked into his work until I ran into his spoof Folktronic while researching Jimmie Crack Corn. I laughed out loud at the flash videos for Mountain Music and Appalachia.
(The original Momus is the classical god of laughter and mockery, and figures in that song on which our national anthem was imposed.)

- alex 1-02-2002 5:57 pm [link] [add a comment]