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I went to see Gary Wilson (front row center) last Wednesday at Joe's Pub and also caught a set recorded last tuesday for broadcasted on Scott William's show last night (Friday May 17th 8-10 pm) on 91.1 wfmu. Check the above link to the archive for a relisten. He had one shoe on and one shoe off, flour on his face and black stuff on his lips, an oversized blazer with no shirt and two pairs of criss-crossing glasses / 3-D and regular cat style sunglasses. There were two sexy manacins on stage that he rolled around with while a guy sprinkeled flour all over them and the stage. There was also a video moniter that showed old video proformances projects from the 70's of similar and even more over the top behavior (which is somthing else to look into). It was high proformance art with a brilliant musical aspect. His band back in the 70's was called The Blind Dates.

A google search on for GW and the BD's provides this solitary and pathetic account of them opening for the Tom Robinson Band back in the day:

"I still remember sitting in the theatre in the near dark waiting almost and hour for the opening act a horrible synthesizer band called Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates. They came out with flour sprinkled all over themselves and played with a dim blue light on. Very depressing. Finally they cleared off the stage and roadies hauled away their gear. More waiting."

- bill 5-18-2002 8:57 pm [link] [11 comments]