The artist Carrie Mae Weems has donated a photograph to friends of ours to help pay for their daughter's (also a good friend) last semester of college. They are raffling off the photo. Details inside.

The celebrated artist, Carrie Mae Weems, has generously donated one of her most beautiful photographs (recently shot in Cuba) as prize for an email raffle we are conducting to help pay for the final semester of our daughter Nadja’s education at Bard College. Our friend’s remarkable and moving gift, a museum-quality 16 X 20 black and white print, normally sells for $9000. Each raffle ticket costs $50 and no more than 200 tickets will be available for sale. A jpeg file is attached for your inspection. The noted art critic Douglas Crimp will draw the winning ticket in a ceremony to be recorded on digital videotape as soon as the last ticket is sold.

Carrie knows what an epic and all but overwhelming financial struggle it’s been for us to put Nadja through Bard. Her loving gift comes in the nick of time. Please participate by sending $50 per ticket to: Ernest Larsen, 115 W. 23 St. #23, NY NY 10011, being sure to include your name, home and email addresses.

We strongly encourage you to forward this email to friends and colleagues who might be interested in participating, even if you find yourself unable to at this time. $50 is an incredible bargain for the lucky winner of Carrie Weems’ beautiful art work.

Incidentally, Nadja’s education is also worth investing in. She’s a history and human rights major. Her adviser, Prof. Gregory Moynihan, describes the thesis project she’s presently at work on: “Parts of it could be published in a scholarly journal. Using an underground newspaper from the east village of New York, Ms. Millner-Larsen hopes to recast the popular reception of the 1960s counterculture...(and) to recontextualize the strong social and political dimensions of alternative culture.... Even the one expert on the American counter-culture (on her board) considered it a mature and insightful work that could readily be capable of publication.”

Thanks in advance for your response.

Sherry Millner
Ernie Larsen

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