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Every country controls the airspace above it as well as the air space above adjacent international waters extending for 12 nautical miles out from the country's shore line. This is defined through UN treaties. In contrast, a country's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) is a legally arbitrary extension beyond 12 nautical miles in which the country in question is actively tracking all air traffic. The idea of an ADIZ is not a real legal thing, and there are no international treaties defining it. In other words, if I was a country my legal air space would extend 12 nautical miles from my shore out into international waters. But my radars might be scanning out to 50 miles and I might be tracking all objects in that area around me and expecting those objects to identify themselves. I might call this 50 mile band my ADIZ. But no special rights are given to me over this additional 38 mile zone just because I say it's my ADIZ. So if a news outlet is saying that China is making incursions into Taiwanese airspace they are not being accurate. But also, if they say, correctly, that China is flying military craft into Taiwans ADIZ, but then fail to clarify that this isn't a violation of any international laws, treaties, or agreements, and is a different thing than violating a country's airspace, then it's hard to see how they are not purposefully misleading the reader. Or even if the headline says that China is violating Taiwanese airspace, and then the article explains the difference between airspace and ADIZ in the 12th paragraph, it still seems crafted to mislead. 

I don't think we will go to war with China because our military must understand that we would be crushed if we do even if the politicians in Washington seem to not understand this fact. But I think a quick look at the mainstream news, and all these misleading stories, shows we are being prepped to support such a war. 

- jim 10-05-2021 10:34 am [link] [11 comments]

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