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i still cant believe i was hanging out with richard leacock once upon a time and i had no idea who he was. just seemed like an old self possessed documentary filmmaker who happened to be dating my girlfriends cousin. he was making a film about his love of eating eggs at the time for french tv. what the fuck was i supposed to think, that he was in part responsible for some of the most reknown documenaries in history?

then again maybe i was better off not knowing. i might have professed my appreciation for scalawags.

“I happen not to like the things that everybody else loves about it,” he says. While he shot some of the footage of Hendrix setting fire to his Stratocaster, Leacock found it “disgusting,” he said. “I don’t appreciate that kind of bullshit.” And he didn’t care much for Janis Joplin, either. “She was always just full of drugs and alcohol. I remember her coming to look at the film afterwards at our place in New York. She was lying there stone drunk, sucking on a bottle of Southern Comfort.”

- dave 6-30-2008 5:15 am [link] [5 comments]