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was having a rare drink out around the corner with my neighbor last night. the subject of the newly minted multiplex two blocks away came up and with little prodding i was convinced to see the 10pm 3d showing of the new avengers movie. i think the last movie i saw in a theater was the gore vidal v william f buckley documentary 2 or 3 years ago. so this was a treat (literally, my neighbor paid. he is nothing if not generous.) and my first 3d experience which seems like a good one all things considered.

it was pretty good, definitely overlong and leaning a little in to the sentimentality as this was THE END GAME though with a lot of humor to fill in the gaps prior to the inevitable apocalyptic showdown. i dont know what marvel has slated going forward other than another guardians of the galaxy installment which is teased at the end of this, but a-list character arcs were terminated in this though it being a fantasy world no one is ever really dead, or someone else can rise up or be anointed to take on the heros mantle. they also gave a brief glimpse at what an all female driven avengers type movie might look like but that may have been fan service as theres been some persistent chatter about that being a future avenue marvel needs to pursue. 

the real stars were the oversized electric reclining chairs with footrests and the stadium seating especially for a movie of this girth. though at $22 for a 3d ticket (ouch!) they should really throw in a tub of popcorn and a catheter tube.

- dave 5-02-2019 12:29 pm [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]