I've been using netflcks (replace the cks with x. I hate their pop-under ads on other sites so I won't provide a link) It's great for those of us without easy access to a decent video store. I watched the Piano Teacher again the other night, this time on dvd instead of the theater. I don't think I've seen a more complex character so fully realized on screen. I need to see it again, the pace seemed too fast this time around, particluarly the second half, but I'm willing to blame that on a trip to the refirgerator. I agree with David Denby that some of it is very funny. The reviews in the above links are full of spoilers so be warned.
Have you seen it Bunny? I doubt anyone else around the tree has and I'd like to talk about it.
- steve 3-13-2003 3:38 am

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