"Non-fiction" hmm... The author Thierry Meyssan's main claim is that there was no plane crash at the Pentagon on 9/11: that the "crash" was faked by unnamed American secret services which used a truck bomb to cause minor damage. The book sold over 100,000 copies in France but I don't think any English translation was published. You'll find a summary w further links here and commentary with pix here -- Pentagon wasn't destroyed, no plane parts are visible in photos, ergo no plane crash, right?

I reckon Meyssan was just out to make himself a bundle of money. That his "theory" could be taken seriously over there suggests either mass gullibility or severe paranoia about the Pentagon. Or both.
- bruno 3-29-2003 8:06 pm

Ah! This same book contains the low-down on the bush wwii connection? It does sound fanciful--a collection of badass paranoid rumors about Ugly Americanism.

The version of "9/11:U.S.-did-itself" that I heard from France involved the oft-repeated story of the Israelis being behind the WTC bombing--but as surrogates for U.S. neo-cons and spooky pro-warriors behind the scenes. I'm all for a good political conspiracy theory, but this one's an eyeball-roller I'd say,

Let's put that "non-fiction" in quotes, or call it "faction."
- bunny (guest) 3-30-2003 2:25 am [add a comment]

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