calpundit is right: Sauron sucks on screen. That big eye thing doesn't really cut it... well not right at the end anyhow...nevermind, it does just fine -- especially during the whole Pippin-and-the-eye/orb-subplot* -- but if you want to quibble Sauron's a good place to start.

Here's what I posted to calpundit: LOTR was written for kids. As such it TOTALLY BLOWS HARRY POTTER away. Falls inline nicely with E. Nesbitt. See: The Railway Children, or better Five Children and It. They have nothing in common except: depth of vision, turn of phrase, attention to character development, group, power and class dynamics. And they are relevant to their time.

* incidentally, And A Horse Named Pippin is the first google hit for "pippin"and "eye".
(maybe I spelled Pippin wrong?)

- sally mckay 1-06-2004 8:58 am

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