yeah, the scene i'm thinking of with his wife at the end is not the one you mention. they are lying (asleep?) in bed and you can see his tatooes across his chest. pretty positive it was her.
- linda 5-29-2001 5:41 pm

OK, I saw (and enjoyed) it again and I'm sticking by my interpretation. The scene you mentioned is one of the last shots in the movie, flashing briefly while Leonard is giving his soliloquy about what keeps him going in spite of it all. The woman in the shot is his wife, but she's just a dream, or fiction, of his tattoo-covered "present self"--a much-revisited image that keeps him going, like the polaroids or the notes he consults. The movie intends no "Verbal-Kint-is-Keyser-Soze" twist as in The Usual Suspects (thank god)--a last minute revelation that supposedly makes you rethink the whole movie. Memento is a better film because there's a plot reason for all the red herrings. (It did look like Leonard's tattoos were slightly different in that shot, however; more likely it's a continuity error rather than some ominous clue.)
- tom moody 5-31-2001 3:46 am [1 comment]

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