still a beehive of activity down there. theyve been shooting some kind of police or fbi raid so its a lot of coordinated movements of trucks coming in and riot-geared officers and suits swarming. kind of weird moments later to have some skinny jeaned guy swoop in after the cut to brush off the uniform of a machine gun toting officer.

mark ruffalo is the alpha cop that hurries in at the end of the take. as a joke at the end of the last take, he kicked the door in brandishing his weapon toward whomever is standing in the entryway while having a good laugh. meanwhile, poor isla fisher has nothing to do but stand in the back round of the shot i assume to establish her presence. fortunately she is given a friend to chatter with for the duration.

after a couple of hours, theyve finally moved on to setting up another shot. other than myself, the only building dweller that is consistently bemused is a black and white cat on a sill across the way.
- dave 3-24-2012 4:13 pm

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