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For you fans of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger choreographic style, check out master Tsui Hark. Both of these films, but especially Crouching Tiger, owe a huge debt to this mavirck. His films are both action packed and poignant. Some of note; Zu Warriors of Magic Mountain, Red Dragon Inn, Chinese Ghost Story, Once Upon A Time In China I II & III and Peking Opera Blues. His brilliant Swordsman 2 is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Interested New Yorkers keep your eye out, his films play in the Chinatown theatres (those which remain that is) and The Quad's Kung Fu Festivals.
- steve 3-08-2001 2:09 am [link] [add a comment]

I tried something else but it didn't work so I'm trying this now, my Academy Award(tm) picks:
1. Best Movie--Crouching Tiger
2.Best Actor, only saw Gladiator and CastAway, have to pick Hanks, although Crowe was good enough, don't really feel strong about this one. But only the CastAway part with no dialogue (could be the worst script of any major movie this year.) The deciding factor was the dentistry by iceskate. Pretty crappy movie really, but it was hot that day.
3.Best Actress, the toughest choice by far and I don't think I can pick between Burnstyn, Allen, and Linney, although that's the order Ima stick with.
4.Best Supporting Actor--Bridges or Del Toro, equal, Bridges played a great president. Let's give it to him.
5.Supporting actress--Kate Hudson
6.Director--Ang Lee
7.Best Screenplay (Direct)--Cameron Crowe, Ken Longeran, another tough one, but in that order.
8.Best Screenplay (previous publish--Steve Kloves for Wonder Boys. The only flick I've really liked Michael Douglas in.
And although I can see why most people thought The Cell sucked, I really enjoyed the visuals--let's give it Best Makeup
- jimlouis 3-07-2001 2:11 am [link] [1 ref] [5 comments]