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I have low hopes for V for Vendetta, since Alan Moore comic adaptations to film haven't been good so far, and he's disowned this one. The Wachowsis have some balls, though--this is about a terrorist blowing up buildings in a near-futuristic but Thatcher-like England. It's a really unsettling comic.

- tom moody 1-27-2006 7:07 am [link] [add a comment]

old joy
- steve 1-19-2006 8:25 pm [link] [1 ref] [3 comments]

Beastie Boys new concert film at Sundance: Awesome! I fuckin' shot that!:

But as the Beastie Boys set out to commemorate a concert at Madison Square Garden, the hip-hop group had a different idea. Why not smash the model?

They decided to lend hand-held video cameras to 50 fans, told them to shoot at will, and then presented the end result in movie theaters in all its primitive, kaleidoscopic glory.

The result of this brainstorm is "Awesome ... ," which will be shown Saturday night at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, before being released by ThinkFilm in late March. The movie is more than a new twist on an old form. "Awesome" - its full title praising the fans' involvement in the final film cannot be printed in this newspaper - plugs into some of the currents surging through the media and entertainment worlds.
I saw the Beasties once at the Garden and I can safely say that no camera would have survived on the floor during Paul Revere. Maybe they didn't play that song this time.
- jim 1-19-2006 8:06 pm [link] [add a comment]

linklater directs A Scanner Darkly. quite a rogues gallery of stars including: robert downey, woody harrelson and winona ryder along with keanu reeves.

trailer +
- dave 1-19-2006 7:46 pm [link] [7 comments]

imdb is blogging sundance which opens today.

- dave 1-19-2006 7:26 pm [link] [2 comments]