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The only place I can find in the entire nation (using limited searching tools) the full boat a) IMAX b) 3D c) HFR release of the Hobbit-Smaug movie is the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. In any large city, you can find either IMAX 3D or HFR 3D, but not the trifecta. That is in just the one theater.

I fear the dilution of our precious national frame rate. Don't count on the Europeans to help. Those barbarians think 50 Hz is perfectly adequate. Video delivery in the US is increasing done with mobile and notebook devices -- at 30 Hz rather than good old American 60 Hz. Yes, I said it, 30 Hz video. And somehow that's okay. If that's okay, then why bother with 48 Hz in the theater. And likewise, if the theaters get by with 24, what's wrong with 30 Hz "TV". If Peter Jackson's experiment doesn't gain market traction, we may lose a generation to low frame rate visual imagery.

But the very devices that bring the scourge of 30 Hz video may be the solution. Deep inside the production studios will exist the master format: 60 Hz video. The video production professionals know what's up, and won't let their visual imagery stutter. One mobile device maker will dig deep and tap into that high frame rate video. "Why do sports look like shit on my phone?" "Dear sir, you suffer from low frame rate syndrome. Try one of my brand!"

(I think 24 Hz is a lovely temporal format. But it should be one of many. Personally, I like 120 Hz, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

- mark 12-14-2013 6:39 am [link] [1 ref] [7 comments]

- dave 12-13-2013 9:13 pm [link] [4 comments]

Escape Plan, Stallone and Schwartzenegger. Sometimes it rose to the level of being comically bad. Other times just bad. Best seen MST3K style, with much imbibing. 7.1 on IMDB.

- mark 12-11-2013 7:04 am [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]

- dave 11-28-2013 4:11 pm [link] [1 ref] [add a comment]

Three recent flicks

2001: A Space Odyssey, in 35 mm in a big theater on a big screen. The visuals are so much more immersive on a big screen. But the audio, oh my. Kubrick has a way of saying "you're supposed to feel tense right now".

(Side note on futurism. Commercial fight to space station? Perhaps a bit off in time frame. A commercial flight with a shit ton of empty seats? Yeah, right.)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, digital restoration, same big old theater. With 2001, this movie is part of a 50 year celebration for the theater. This was the first film ever shown here back in 1963. Mad^4 needs to be on the "best car movie" list. Perhaps not a top ten, but up there close. They drove the piss out of those machines. There was a ton of stuff that would have destroyed modern cars.

Twelve Years a Slave. One of the best films I have ever seen. Since I've been on a Kubrick binge, there's a comparison I would make. Like Kubrick, McQueen is not afraid to linger on a scene or a shot, to allow the viewer to inhabit the time and space. Not everything has to move the plot along, to satiate the appetite of a short attention span audience.

- mark 11-24-2013 6:49 am [link] [6 comments]