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Rockets Redglare, dead

"In other lousy news for film buffs, Rockets Redglare, the downtown fixture who turned up in flicks like Big and Basquiat, died last week as a result of various ailments. Rockets had a fascinatingly dark life, which spanned being born to a junkie mom, witnessing his mobster uncle pull off a hit, and begging cash out of his famous friends. His triumph was becoming a quirky star in his own right—one I'll sorely miss, and not just because he never hit me up for money." - m.musto

- bill 6-06-2001 4:21 am [link] [1 ref] [1 comment]

saw memento this weekend
someone here liked this movie?
i left feeling paranoid and annoyed.
can someone tell me what the ending was all about please?
- linda 5-28-2001 6:07 pm [link] [12 comments]

"Today, camera arrays are used for two broad purposes: to freeze part of the action as the camera appears to continue to move and to simulate movements that would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a conventional movie camera to make. The technique has been popularized in films like "The Matrix" — in which jumping characters appear to freeze in midair while action continues around them — and it has found its way into television commercials and music videos."

- dave 5-28-2001 3:38 pm [link] [3 comments]

It would seem unlikely that I could see anything here, regarding flicks, that hasn't been seen first in NY but I think this may be the case with the "one week only" showing of The Dish which I saw a few weeks ago with Magee when he was in town for Jazzfest. Its a fictionalized true story about the satelitte dish relay station in Parks, Australia that was integral in beaming the video signal for the first moon walk. Good wholesome fun. Ya'll check it out, I mean if it ever gets to the backwaters of Manhattan. " I scooped 'em ma, I scooped the big city boys and girls." Of course it may have passed your way last year which would account for why I see no mention of it in Nyker.
- jimlouis 5-27-2001 8:02 pm [link] [1 ref] [2 comments]

"you froggin ashmole..."
-- words used to hide expletives in the tv rebroadcast of Theres Something About Mary
- dave 5-19-2001 3:17 am [link] [add a comment]