The Doris Piserchia Website: Bibliography and Links.

1. Works by the author.


Mister Justice (Ace double, 1973). Reviewed by Chris Evans in Vector, November 1977

Star Rider (Bantam, 1974). Reviewed by Andy Mills in Paperback Inferno, August 1987

A Billion Days of Earth (Bantam, 1976). Reviewed by Phil Stephenson-Payne in Paperback Parlour, April 1977, and John Clute in Vector, May 1977

Earthchild (DAW, 1977)

Spaceling (DAW, 1978)

The Fluger (DAW, 1980). Reviewed by Ian Williams in Paperback Inferno, February 1981

The Spinner (DAW, 1980). Reviewed by Ian Williams in Paperback Inferno, February 1981

Doomtime (DAW, 1981)

Earth in Twilight (DAW, 1981)

Dimensioneers (DAW, 1982)

Blood County (DAW, 1982) [as Curt Selby]

I, Zombie (DAW, 1982) [as Curt Selby]

The Deadly Sky (DAW, 1983)

Short Fiction

"Rocket To Gehenna," Fantastic Stories, September 1966

"Empty Eden," Worlds of If, November/December 1972

"Last Train from Earth," Worlds of If, July/August 1972

"Sheltering Dream," Worlds of If, January/February 1972. Anthology: Best Science Fiction of 1972, ed. by Frederick Pohl. Ace 0-441-91359

"Half the Kingdom," Orbit 12, 1973, ed. by Damon Knight

"Quarantine," Galaxy, September 1973

"Unbiased God," Galaxy, December 1973

"Idio," Orbit 13 (Putnam's 1974), ed. by Damon Knight

"Limited Accommodations," Crisis (Thomas Nelson 1974), ed. by Roger Elwood

"Naked and Afraid I Go," Orbit 13 (Putnam's 1974), ed. by Damon Knight

"Nature's Children," Galaxy, September 1974

"Pale Hands," Orbit 15 (Harper & Row 1973), ed. by Damon Knight; 0-06-012439-3

"Substance and Shadow," Galaxy, May 1974

"A Typical Day," Galaxy, March 1974. Anthologies: Best SF: 1974, ed. by Harry Harrison and Brian W. Aldiss (SF Horizons, Ltd., Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1975), 0-672-52012-5, hc; The Year's Best Science Fiction No. 8, ed. by Harry Harrison and Brian W. Aldiss (Sphere 1976), 0-7221-4398-2, 65p, pb

"A Brilliant Curiosity," Orbit 16 (Harper & Row 1975), ed. by Damon Knight; 0-553-08635-9

"Deathrights Deferred," Science Fiction Discoveries (Bantam 1976), ed. by Carol Pohl and Frederick Pohl

"The Residents of Kingston" (unpublished). Originally to have been included in Harlan Ellison's Last Dangerous Visions.

More information on the novels and stories can be found at the ISFDB.

SciFan also contains bibliographic information on Piserchia (and hundreds of other authors):

2. Works about the author.

Here are some websites and books with commentary on Piserchia: (no longer online)
Thoughtful commentary lamenting Piserchia's disappearance from sf publishing and giving excellent sociological analysis of I, Zombie, Mister Justice ("MJ"), and Earth in Twilight ("EIT").
Writer Dani Zweig calls DP a "minor author of minor books," but praises Spaceling, MJ, A Billion Days of Earth ("BDE"), and Earthchild. The Spinner and The Fluger are dismissed as "simply bad."
Writer Liz Henry makes a passionate case for Star Rider and BDE, with short commentaries on The Spinner, The Fluger, and The Deadly Sky.

Jane Donawerth's Frankenstein's Daughters: Women Writing Science Fiction (Syracuse University Press, 1997) has some commentary on The Spinner (to which an essay on this website responds).

John Clute and Peter Nicholls, Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (St. Martins Griffin, 1995) has a concise (but thorough) overview of Piserchia's career, concluding with the observation: "In her self-consciousness, and in the sense she conveys that landscape drowns action (rather than vice versa), DP seemed for a period very much a member of the US new wave; but she has not published since 1983, and the course of her further development cannot properly be guessed."
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