The Doris Piserchia Website: Index of Reviews.

1. Critical overviews.

Site Introduction by Tom Moody.

John Clute and Peter Nicholls, Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (St. Martins Griffin, 1995) [read entry].

"Doris," from Strange Words.

Introductory commentary by Liz Henry.

2. Novels.

Mister Justice
(Ace double, 1973).

Reviewed by Chris Evans.
Reviewed by Jim Trombetta.
Reviewed by Tom Moody.
Reviewed by Dani Zweig.
Reviewed by Strange Words.
Excerpts from novel: 1 / 2
Star Rider (Bantam, 1974).
Reviewed by Andy Mills.
Reviewed by Liz Henry.
A Billion Days of Earth (Bantam, 1976).
Reviewed by Phil Stephenson-Payne.
Reviewed by John Clute.
Reviewed by Liz Henry.

Earthchild (DAW, 1977) --not reviewed.

Spaceling (DAW, 1978).

Reviewed by Dani Zweig.
The Fluger (DAW, 1980).
Reviewed by Ian Williams.
Reviewed by Liz Henry.
The Fluger (Short Take), by Tom Moody.
The Spinner (DAW, 1980).
Reviewed by Ian Williams.
Reviewed by Liz Henry.
"The Spinner: Response to a Darwinian Feminist," by Tom Moody.
Doomtime (DAW, 1981).
Reviewed by Joanna Pataki.
Notes by Tom Moody.
Excerpts from novel: 1 / 2.
Earth in Twilight (DAW, 1981).
Reviewed by Strange Words.
Reviewed by Nathan Shumate.
Earth in Twilight (Short Take), by Tom Moody.
"Earth in Twilight: Animistic Post-History," by Tom Moody.
Excerpt from novel.

The Dimensioneers (DAW, 1982) --not reviewed.

Blood County (DAW, 1982) [as Curt Selby]

Chapter Summary by Tom Moody.
Reviewed by Tom Moody.
I, Zombie (DAW, 1982) [as Curt Selby].
Reviewed by Strange Words.
Comment by Tom Moody.
The Deadly Sky (DAW, 1983).
Reviewed by Joanna Pataki.
Reviewed by Liz Henry.

3. Short fiction.

"Rocket To Gehenna" --not reviewed.

"Empty Eden" --not reviewed.

"Last Train from Earth" --not reviewed.

"Sheltering Dream" --not reviewed.

"Half the Kingdom" --not reviewed.

"Quarantine" --not reviewed.

"Unbiased God"
--reviewed by Joanna Pataki.

--reviewed by Tom Moody and Joanna Pataki.

"Limited Accommodations" --not reviewed.

"Naked and Afraid I Go" --not reviewed.

"Nature's Children" --not reviewed.

"Pale Hands" --not reviewed.

"Substance and Shadow" --not reviewed.

"A Typical Day" --not reviewed.

"A Brilliant Curiosity" --not reviewed.

"Deathrights Deferred" --not reviewed.

"The Residents of Kingston" (unpublished) --not reviewed.

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