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Sunday, Dec 16, 2001

ny sees

We asked 50 New Yorkers to write on their Sept. 10, and were amazed at their tenderness and wit. We were gratified to have Tom Wolfe write on the city that changed. Mayor-elect Michael Bloomberg sketches his plans for the future of New York City.

We live in a four-dimensional city, where time and space make their own rules. This has never been clearer than this year, when so many lives were stolen from us but left a transcending legacy. As E.B. White wrote in Here Is New York, "this riddle in steel and stone is at once the perfect target and the perfect demonstration of non-violence, of racial brotherhood."

At the end of this year, in this aching holiday season, we are full of gratitude for the souls we loved; their exuberant faith makes New York a place where memory is the bedrock, ambition the air, intuition and courage the reasons to stay, forever.