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Thursday, Dec 27, 2001

stacked deck

the mets are reportedly on the verge of another series of player moves which on paper gives them their most potent lineup ever. this is not to say that it will instantly be their best team. historically the mets have won with pitching which suits their ballpark and their wallet. but i would like to think the mets ownership (which is a 50-50 tug of war between two wealthy old men) would want to field an exceptional lineup when they convince us of the need for a new stadium. at least it would make it seem like they might be completely committed to winning rather than just finding a way to fleece the taxpayers.

rf) roger cedeno
3b) edgardo alfonzo
2b) roberto alomar
C) mike piazza
lf) juan gonzalez
1b) mo vaughn
cf) jay payton
ss) rey ordonez

(actually an unlikely lineup)

i started this post before the vaughn deal was finished. but now thats completed and all eyes turn to acquiring gonzalez and working on the starting pitching. if everything came to pass, then they would have three future hall of fame players still in their prime in the middle of the batting order along with two all-star quality players and the best fielding shortstop in baseball and the best basestealer at the top of the lineup. enough to make any mets fan drool and enough to make steinbrenner worry about who will dominate the backpages of the tabloids. it is true, however, that the texas rangers and cleveland indians have had powerhouse lineups in recent years but have floundered because of weaker pitching staffs. whatever the outcome, i hope the season is half as exciting (it never is) as this offseason has been.