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Wednesday, Jan 09, 2002

memo to tyndall

"But agree or disagree with Mr. Sullivan, it’s hard to deny that he is the surprising new media/political development of the post–Sept. 11 period. A media/political development because he’s gone beyond his influential print platforms, The Times of London and The Times of New York. What gives him an edge in impact and reach over Mr. Hitchens (and just about everyone else) is the way he’s turned his political Web site (Web zine, Web log, online diary—whatever you want to call andrewsullivan.com) into a powerful weapon of nonstop, 24/7, omnipresent total-surveillance panoptican punditry. Using his political Web zine (a form pioneered by Mickey Kaus in his witty Kausfiles.com), he’s done more than just frame the debate; he’s dominated it, smothered it with an overwhelming energy and forcefulness that allows him to riddle his opponents with ceaseless real-time hectoring and invective and polemic."