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Monday, Feb 04, 2002

notes from the underfrowned

weirdest superbowl moment: paul mccartney and terry bradshaw hamming it up at halftime when singing 'hard days night." mccartney may soon rival guiliani for most tv headshots at major sporting events. (bring back george!)

from the department of mixed messages: fox wrapped the superbowl in the flag with live staged remotes from kandahar and other patriotic nonsense. meanwhile, U2 assembled their heart shaped stage and wore butterflies on t-shirts but certainly were not hired as a protest band. at least they werent accompanied by 'up with america' style pagentry just mtv-like consumerism. (dont forget your glow sticks!)

oh yeah. didnt bet on new england but i didnt think st louis would cover the 14 point spread. now if i only had put down a bet, i would have more money to lose elsewhere.