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Thursday, Feb 21, 2002

chill out

federal prosecutors trying to jail drug paraphenalia maker on unclear charges or maybe im just stupid. or maybe the journalist was high because i cant figure out what he did wrong, although it looks to deal with the proximity issue beetween ye olde water pipes and magazines whose contents, i assume, are protected under free speech. put those two things in a room, and like nitroglycerin mixing with oxygen, it explodes into criminal behavior. but first, there is a spark, and its that ridiculous prohibition on drug related speech in headshops, its the "dont ask, dont tell" policy for drugs. you may legally purchase the item as long as you dont relate it to illicit usage. isnt there some sort of free speech issue at stake? i wonder if they can bring accessory charges on the store because they are acknowledging the use of the item for illegal behavior.

the lawyer for the defendants claim that his client didnt sell to headshops is equally ridiculous. i understand that he is advocating for his client and manuevering around a series of arcane restrictions but....

if the world domination thing is true though, ill know it all was worth it. i didnt realize that aliens were using drugs to take control of planet earth. its a fiendish plot. good thing those boys in iowa are on the case. better yet, stick to corn and crop circles.