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Monday, Feb 25, 2002

the gimme fund

"He had a marvelous, secret command center built for $13 million and 27 stories up at Seven World Trade Center. That center was high enough in the sky to fly when the attack hit. Giuliani staggered around looking for a place to become the boss. He called on fire commissioner Von Essen to leave the firefighters and come walking with him. High over the buildings a police helicopter was calling down that the towers were going to collapse as sure as the smoke coming out of them. Their calls fell on no ears. The firefighters were not equipped with radios for an emergency such as this. In fact, their communications were poor nearly everywhere. The fault was with Giuliani and Von Essen. Three hundred and forty three firefighters died. Most of them died because they didn't get out of the building because they couldn't hear anybody signal them in time."