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Monday, Mar 11, 2002

the company line

"Tim then asked Condi about VP Cheney's mission to twelve Middle East and Arab countries. Condi admitted that Iraq will be a major topic of conversation -- and claimed that President Bush has made no decisions about Iraq before launching into a tirade about Iraq's unacceptable behavior.

With the Middle East on fire, said Tim, it's not plausible to mount an attack on Iraq anyway. Condi claimed that the Israel-Palestine dynamic is independent, and the status quo in Iraq is unacceptable."

"1. Reject any linkage between the present Arab war on Israel and the coming American war on Iraq's dictator. Saddam Hussein's game is to get pan-Arab support by embracing Palestinian terrorists; he has awarded over 60 "martyrdom" checks of about $10,000 each to the families of suicide bombers."