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Monday, Mar 11, 2002

are you ready for some football?

"SEOUL, South Korea -- Two French-made, portable land-to-air missiles will be deployed outside South Korean stadiums during World Cup games to prevent possible terror attacks.

Military jets will patrol the skies over the stadiums during the tournament, Air Force spokesman 1st Lt. Kim Ki-ho said Monday. The Air Force will make sure jets noise does not affect matches, he said.

The security plans are the latest in a series of measures being planned by South Korea officials to safeguard their portion of the tournament, to be played from May 31 to June 30.

Five French special police force members arrived in Seoul on Monday for five days of joint training with their South Korean counterparts that will include hostage rescue operations.

South Korean police will make a return visit to the French special police forces headquarters near Paris next month. France was host to the 1998 World Cup.

The U.S. team will play its three first-round matches in South Korea. South Korea has set up an anti-terrorism unit and imposed no-fly zones for non-Air Force planes over World Cup stadiums and nuclear power plants during the tournament."