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Thursday, Mar 21, 2002

trilateral comissioners

everything is out of whack today. first, my aol account can sense its imminent demise and has started to freak out on me. it wont let me read my mail, it wont let me report the problem and it wont even let me sign off. if i alt-ctrl-del, it crashes my computer. i think at night when im asleep it sends out its sensors in my room and has detected the dsl modem on the chair a few feet away. this, in turn, set off all sorts of buzzers and whistles at aol headquarters (whose underground bunker is just down the block from our shadow governments). their spies at verizon confirm the transaction so they have no recourse but to sabatoge my machine; any fool will tell you that!

meanwhile, word on the street is that content does not want to be free. todays lesson is hotline scoop. just another sordid example of the world forcing me to do my own thinking (or, at least, that thing which approaches actual thinking).

heres more blah blah blah blah about content being less free.