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Wednesday, Apr 10, 2002

war and fuzzy

"The soldiers then hauled men out of the captured homes, beat them, bound their hands and blindfolded them, stripped them to their underwear, and shipped them off to an Israeli military base for questioning, said the metal worker, who was detained for 24 hours. "They beat my brother - 100 times they hit him with their batons, on his shoulders, his stomach and his back," he said.

They met fierce resistance every step of the way from the Palestinian gunmen hunkering down in narrow alleys, and from the master bomb-makers in the camp, who rigged up an elaborate system of tripwires all over the camp, with exploding houses, skips, sewage covers, and even trees. They also handed out belts of explosives to would-be suicide bombers - Israel's chief of staff, Shaul Mofaz, said this week that five Palestinians, including a woman, had blown themselves up while pretending to surrender to the Israeli forces."