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Wednesday, Apr 17, 2002


whew. the administration is taking a pounding this week. even a little "wag the dog" action in afghanistan aint gonna keep the bad news out of the headlines especially when the headlines are revealing the failures to capture osama. im feeling too lazy to link at the moment but let me say thank you to the fine people of venezuela for making our freedom loving government and our "just the fact, maam" media look like the tyrants and thugs they so long to be. ethel has been following the thread of events on the covert side while talking points has the state department beat. damn, if they cant secure venezuela, how are they going to melt saddam or uproot those pesky iranians? now that we cant muddle our way out of the middle east crisis are we just trying to dig ourselves in deeper. what percentage of the whitehouse is hoping for a wider mideast conflict? perhaps not many as even wolfowitz was booed by the american jews (according to talking points) at their support israel gathering in washington as he was too concilliatory for their taste.