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Saturday, Jun 15, 2002

hail pan-britannia

got a small taste of what all of england must be like today (after they dispensed with denmark 3-0 in the round of 16) as i passed the Spring Lounge at the corner of mulberry and spring sts. about 40 drunken brits were out in front of the bar singing some patriotic tune in full throat as one ran in and out of traffic draped in the irish flag. i guess thats the best they could do at the moment. and the game had been over for 5 hours. no such glee at Ceci-Cela, the french patisserie across the street as the french were ousted last week after a lackluster effort. the us backed into the next round and awaits a quick exit at the hands of mexico at 2:30 est early monday morning unless they start playing some decent defense.