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Tuesday, Jun 25, 2002


"Maybe it was inevitable that time, fame, and money would tame the aggressive reporter who broke Watergate--transforming him into a stenographer of the Washington establishment who breaks only the news the reigning powers want broken. And, to be sure, there is some value to Woodward's current role. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't call Bob Woodward's reportage what it really is. "When [the public] hear[s] ... Bob Woodward say, 'Well, according to informed sources,' what should they know about those informed sources--not the identity, but the quality of the information, the agenda or lack of agenda of the leaker?" Russert asked Woodward on Sunday. "Well, only when the opposition has a story is it called a leak," Woodward responded. "When we have a story, it's called aggressive and thorough journalism." That may have been the case thirty years ago. But with Woodward these days, it's definitely a leak."