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Tuesday, Aug 13, 2002

tonight im gonna party like its 1995

managed to overcome my dis-ease and mal-laze to attend the late rock show tonight at the knitting factory. i probably would have liked the angular guitared punk chicks in the earlier show ( erase errata) more but the proggy punkish swedish rockers The Soundtrack of Our Lives put on a good show. and theres still nothing like being 5' from the stage to appreciate the histronics of which there were many. but i still wanted to crack the kid who kept backing into me across the skull with my beer bottle. too much of the sopranos on dvd, i suppose, or else im harboring a thinly concealed veil of rage. (we report, you decide.) i mean, i had a nice perch until he snaked his way in front of me, the least he could do is knock into the people in front of him instead of me. overall worthwhile but i didnt stay for the encore.