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Wednesday, Aug 14, 2002

bowery blues

when i left my apartment tonight to go out to dinner with my neighbor to discuss our fast approaching displacement from our home of six and forty years respectively, there was a note on the steps from the son of the landlord. the son runs the lighting store on the ground floor. it was somewhat unusual but not wholly beyond the realm of possibility that he would want to talk to me. so i called him when i got back from another fine meal at alias (especially fine as my guardian angels picked up the tab), only to find SOL (son of landlord) in a rebellious mood. seems he was trying to enlist my support in an effort to sue his father who is in the process of evicting the three of us from the building. as if my real family werent disfunctional enough. i doubt anything will come of it as neither myself nor my neighbor is itching for a fight at this point but its sure is tempting to throw a wrench into the fathers plans. after all, what kind of father forces his own son out of business? is the animosity that it would generate within the family worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars? the fuck has already had a stroke in the last couple of years. does he need more heartache? does he want his grandchildren to grow up hating him too? if i only had the right kind of friends, we could take care of the problem without any pesky lawsuits. who needs lawyers when youre above the law.

oh yeah, you would think that dining with me would be the highlight to anybody's day but my zelig-like neighbor attended a luncheon at mayor bloomberg's townhouse as part of some nyc educational conference. and what did he and bloomy bond over as hizzoner made the rounds? the blight of teen smoking, of course. alot of good that will do in helping us to get an apartment or two, but if i ever get another ticket for running a red light on my bicycle, i know where to call and complain.