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Friday, Feb 07, 2003

kurdistan aside

i posted this on an eschaton thread

last night on charlie rose, richard holbrooke basically said if youre expecting a democratic iraq after we invade dont hold your breath because iraqs neighbors (most prominently, turkey) dont want it. the message was that if given the freedom to vote, the iraqis might choose to split the country up into its three component ethnic enclaves which as we all know would destabilize the region. apparently, whats good for the former yugoslavian states is problematic here. and not only are the turks fearful of an autonomous kurdish state but the chinese and the russians dont like the precedent it sets for their notorious recalcitrants, tibet and chechnya.

so expect puppet regimes for the foreseeable future as we "educate" iraqis in the ways of "democratic" institutions, or at least until the oil runs out.

also, holbrooke aint no bushie.