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Tuesday, Mar 04, 2003

jimmy who

my good friend sarah silverman is co-hosting with jimmy kimmel this week (pre-empted tomorrow night because of nightline, and i know you were going to watch too). ok, shes not my good friend but i did meet her after one of her standup shows and was invited to dinner along with a bunch of people. we didnt go though. seems like a bad decision in retrospect, that i was invited at all, i mean. anyway, i read somewhere that they are dating. im not sure how that effects my opinion of either of them (and they keeping bugging me about it). but one thing i am sure of, theyre on tv and im watching them.

as for the show, kimmel is a terrible interviewer and quick to embrace the lowest common denominator but has an endearing shnooky quality. if anyone saw bruce willis sit in for letterman last week, you could see how easy it is to look bad behind the desk. so kimmel seems like he'll be around for a little while, if he can get guests to appear on his show. apparently, its hard to get big names, that is MOVIESTARS promoting their latest picture, because the other shows might not have you on. they only want virgin guests. who knew the late night shows acted like the alpha girls in junior high? or maybe its a sergeant shrub ethos, youre either with us or against us. in any case, i hear sarah silverman is developing a pilot for hbo....

meanwhile digby plumes the depths of la noonan but finds only a sign that reads 'gone fishin.'