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Wednesday, Apr 02, 2003

sheep judging

"It's hard to imagine a bright spot in all this, but judging from Keith Olbermann's first outing, "Countdown" is surely one. He's even-handed, quick, a great writer, fast paced, funny as hell at the right moments, and most importantly of all, assumes that his audience aren't mindless sheep, that they can actually be trusted with ALL the information from which to make up their minds, and that they deserve better than blatant jingoistic propaganda spewed ad nauseam by every other cable news show.

Let's see how long MSNBC suits hold up when some freedom-hating right-wing groups start organizing a flood of semi-literate hate mail against the truth being shown or when some corporate exec's wife finds it offensive -- or, worse yet, when Karl Rove finds someone to put the arm on them and let them know it's being "noted" in the White House and that calls have been made to the CEOs of sponsors.."