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Friday, Jun 20, 2003

desolation crow

"But one of the most important things I learned about New York was the importance of the summer song. The song on the airwaves and in the air that summer, the song that defined that summer for me and more than a few others, was "Mr. Tambourine Man"—the Byrds’ seductive electric version of the Dylan songwriting break-through which was a surprisingly big radio hit, the kind that was handed off to you from the window of a passing car, wafted out from the open doors of a steamy laundromat, the open window of a tenement basement, competed with the sound of the waves at Coney Island, blasted out a transistor radio hanging from the handle of a hand truck: "In the jingle-jangle morning" it came following you. (See my piece in the May 28, 2001, Observer for an explanation of how Dylan once defined for me, in an interview, the precise meaning of the "jingle-jangle morning." )"