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Monday, Jul 21, 2003

gold digging

"Republican strategists pretend that they would love to run against Howard Dean when in fact the candidate they would really like to run against is Joe Lieberman. They are trying to psych-out Democrats into fearing another George McGovern because they want an opponent who will leave no footprints which was the case with Mondale, Dukakis and Gore.

George McGovern spawned a mailing list which animated progressive public interest groups for the next decade and countless political professionals, including the young Bill Clinton, got their start in politics in a campaign based on idealism. McGovern’s loss was partially from a country that wanted to re-elect Nixon but McGovern’s biggest mistakes were not ideological but professional (losing control of his convention to the point that his acceptance speech wasn’t on until three in the morning; selecting a running mate who resigned the next week after it was revealed he’d received electro-shock treatment for depression, etc.). And, of course, McGovern’s campaign was bedeviled by illegal dirty tricks that were among the reasons Nixon was formed to resign two years later."