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Saturday, Dec 06, 2003

play blog

i added a few sports blogs a little while back to my impossible mess of a weblog. theyre in the last orange tangle on the left below the set of *ahem* related blogs. most of them are baseball blogs. i guess it stands to reason that baseball fans are the literati of sports fans. most of the links are to metsblogs as that is the team im supposed to care about more than the others. others are more general interest. a fair amount of the baseball blogs are saber or statistically oriented. the bill james movement online is equalled only by howard deans in the rabidness of their true believers.

(maybe not so) suprisingly i have received two reciprocal links which is nice since ive been generally lame of late in upkeep around here and there is generally little sports chatter. so thanks to off wing opinion and mikes baseball rants.