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Monday, Dec 08, 2003

contractually obligated sports post

the mets have signed japanese shortstop kaz matsui while the arbitration deadline passed releasing free agents to pursue other options.

the newark star ledger reports that brooklyn is now leading in its bid to acquire the nj nets. im not running out to buy season tickets just yet (or ever).

meanwhile, in the nba atlantic division, one team has managed to break the .500 barrier, while orlando has lost 19 straight after winning their season opener. the most intriguing division thus far is the midwest division where conversely, every team has a winning record. perennial also-rans, the denver nuggets, have finally turned it around while former knicks coach jeff van gundy has taught the houston rockets how to play defense and how to get 7'5" scoring opportunities. considering that he had 22pts 20 rebounds and 4 blocked shots, id say things were progressing.

uhh, football? no chad pennington magic yesterday, as the jets can join the giants players at the strip club to watch somebody else play in the superbowl this year. anyway, the superbowl is in texas. new yorkers are not interested enough in your deep fried cuisine to make the effort.

as for the latest bcs snafu, USC was my college football bandwagon team when i was growing up so i am shocked and dismayed at the events of the preceding weekend. isnt this the type of thing they elected schwazzisname for? shouldnt he be making clever veiled threats at the ncaa for their incompetence?