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Wednesday, Mar 03, 2004

dfn -- all the noise, all the time

8 hours kibbitzing with the peckel and the farshtinkener has left me fartootster for sure. feh!

went to the minimall at timeswarner. got a guided tour of the bose sound systems from $1000 to $3000. i almost felt like i was in Boogie Nights when the friendly bald black salesdude told us how much he loved the new harry connick jr. cd. yeeah. and he was enthusiastic about a scene from Finding Nemo with which he baits potential customers. "youve got to see the whale scene," all the live long day. you smell worse than the farshtinkener farshtook.

bought four types of water and little else at the new whole foods. made eye contact with lou reed in the atrium with the candlestick. he did not offer to help me with my watered down bags but i could tell he wanted to ask me something. maybe, how goes the plumbing? but they fixed the buzzer, right? the ceiling?

ted knights tick
one staredown mastered at a time

dialed in for dolors
wretched out and clutched someone

a suppurated peace
im ceiling you, offensively

hut one hut two

will that be smoking or non?