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Thursday, Mar 25, 2004

come fly with me

im off in the am. first to old san juan for a night. then either a short plane or ferry ride to vieques for a few days with my friends and their two girls. after that its unclear what we'll do. ill probably spend time at their house in naguabo. i dont really like to plan these things. in fact, i dont even really like to go. shopping for the trip was brutal enough.

anyway, off to bed. i am looking forward to the disconnect from the newstunnel. i hope to forget i even know what an 'atrios' is. bill, im leaving you in charge. make sure tom doesnt hurt anybody while im gone. and see if you can option any of those screenplays ive been knocking around. i know theres gold in there, i just know there is. (glint of light glances of toothy grin.)