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Monday, Apr 05, 2004

ive got presence for everyone

back in the sad dull again. and just in time too, but for what i have no idea.

it was a tearful goodbye as i made my way to el aeropuerto. however, they were not shed for me but because of me. the twenty minute drive was too much of a burden for poor little aireta whose playdate with cousins was interrupted on my behalf. well, not exactly. playtime was over but the two were associated in her mind and no truth was to impede her tantrum. and it took an enormous amount of patience for me not to tender my less than laudatory appraisal of her antics. while her mother cajoled i fumed. so i felt not an uncertain amount of relief once my foot reached out for the curbstone and i was relieved of the need to be judicious in my consideration of the little ones. but the fates would have at me again as i was seated next to a thirteen month old boy with a proclivity for banging on anything within reach. god bless the ipod for without which i may be composing this post in shackles.

thats it for the moment. i have to reaquaint myself with the sofa and the tv. but yo, whats with the freakin cold?