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Friday, May 21, 2004

serious shrinkage

i have really failed myself at strategic planning. thank god i am nowhere near the pentagon when decisions are being made. not that i could do any worse. do republican politicians have any shame?

speaking of shamelessness, i have purchased a new tv and have just had installed directv. my strategic failure was not getting three tvs hooked up for free instead of two. my neighbor is taking one line (thats legal right, like file sharing) but at the moment i have two lines hooked up. so while my new tv is hooked up in the front room, im currently watching tv2 in the back room. just this morning i put my computer monitor on the middle shelf of a metroshelving unit (which is an upgrade from the box (that jim claims is his) was on). i have the tv on the shelf above it as i type from the reasonable comfort of a late 80s cheap leather scandanavian recliner. had i been shameless like a republican, i would have ordered all three and not considered that it was at all odd to have three hookups for this size apartment. of course the guys installing it could care less and i forgot what whores americans are for tv. probably wasnt unusual at all. i asked him if he had directv. he said that he had three cable hookups that were all illegal. land of the free, home of the brave.

maybe some french kicks one more time