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Wednesday, Jun 02, 2004

ad out

fucking espn. i was going to give them props the other day for all the live coverage of the french open but in the last couple of days they dropped the ball. yesterday they held a serena williams - jennifer capriati match back until three o'clock while the match had been finished by eleven am. venus williams match was broadcast live and ran concurrent with serenas match so there were mitigating factors, except espn has at least three stations on which to broadcast. had espn wanted to, they could have broadcast it live and then rebroadcast it in the afternoon. as it turned out, i found the results on the net and was less inclined to watch when it was on. plus its shameful that a sports network has to pretend that something hasnt happened. all afternoon the matched was hyped as if it hadnt yet been played. ive come to expect that kind of crap from nbc with the olympics but i thought espn would have higher standards. obviously i was wrong.

so today i checked the scores online. seemingly exciting match being played at the moment with arguably the best story attached - three time champ battles back from serious injury - and its preempted by another match which has already been completed and was a boring straight set victory.

boggles the mind.